Now a father of two, Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes has a new perspective on football and life (2024)

HENDERSON, Nev. (AP) — Patrick Mahomes is a much different quarterback than he was four years ago, when he helped the Kansas City Chiefs beat the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl to end a championship drought stretching back five decades.

He’s a different man, for that matter, a father of two these days with different priorities in life.

Sometimes the two intersect, one job making him better at the other.

“I think you learn a ton being a father, man. You learn how to be patient,” said Mahomes, who will lead the AFC champion Chiefs into a Super Bowl rematch against the NFC champion 49ers on Sunday. “You learn how to try to really boost people’s confidence, especially your kids. Through seasons like I’ve had this last year, it’s never losing hope, never going too negative in adverse times. Just continue to boost people’s confidence, continue to strive for hard work and really be patient.”

Mahomes’ patience certainly has been put to the test this season.

What to know about the Super Bowl:

  • Follow AP for live coverage on and off the field.
  • When the 49ers get a second shot at a Super Bowl against the Kansas City Chiefs it will be a rare title game rematch.
  • The Chiefs went from being the weekly favorite to something entirely different: an underdog.
  • If you watch for the commercials, you no longer have to wait until the big game to see what advertisers have in store.
  • The halftime show went from marching bands to megastars.

He watched his wide receivers drop more passes than any team in the NFL, and the rest of the Kansas City offense commit more penalties than any team but one. He had to choke back his angst — sometimes successfully, other times not so much — when a missed call by the officials may have cost the Chiefs a game. And he had to finally accept the fact that defenses simply were not going to let him chuck the ball all over the field anymore, and that his sandlot-style of play had to change.

In some ways, Mahomes had to reinvent himself, becoming what he once seemed to loath: a game manager.

Unlike that championship run four years ago, or the two Super Bowls since that earned Mahomes a second ring, the Chiefs this season did not rely entirely on their offense to carry them. They had the No. 2 scoring defense in the NFL, which had to bail out Mahomes’ side of the ball when it was struggling so mightily midway through the season.

So while he can still make the audacious no-look throw, or throw that wizardly rocket through double coverage, he also learned to check down to running backs when deep shots were covered. He accepted that audibles to running plays when defenses stacked the line of scrimmage were OK. Mahomes even learned that he could take a sack when it was most beneficial to keep the clock running, which he did in the AFC championship game in Baltimore.

“I think guys understood,” Mahomes said upon reflection, “that we could play a different way to win football games.”

Sounds like a quarterback that has learned a few things in six years as a starter.

“He’s the catalyst. He’s the reason why we’re here and why we’re able to keep coming back to back,” said tight end Travis Kelce, perhaps Mahomes’ closest friend on the team. “And honestly, he just gives his team a certain sense of urgency and confidence that we can go and get it done, and that goes a long way.”

Mahomes has always been mature beyond his years, even if he didn’t always possess the patience that comes with experience. He almost had to be, because growing up, Mahomes was so much better than other kids his own age that he would usually have to play against older ones, whether that was in football, basketball or his first love, baseball.

The son of longtime big league pitcher Pat Mahomes recalled that one time, during a T-ball game, a grounder was hit toward him at shortstop. Most kids at that level would throw a looping rainbow to first base, but he sent a laser across the diamond.

“It hit the kid right in the face and broke his glasses,” Mahomes said with a smile, “and so they told me after that they wanted me to roll the ball to first base, and I ended up just playing first base and catching it from then on.”

Good thing for the Chiefs he didn’t fall in love with catching balls.

Then again, maybe he would have been a heck of a wide receiver.

“I mean, I always just loved sports from the beginning,” Mahomes said, “all sports. I loved watching. I love playing. I mean, I remember my mom used to get mad at me, because I would throw — like, you know, kids throw the ball off the wall? I’d throw it off the TV, because I was watching TV at the same time, and she used to get real mad that I was doing that.”

The dad in Mahomes — his daughter, Sterling, is 2, while his son, Bronze, turned 1 in November — might better understand where Mama Mahomes was coming from back in those days.

While much has changed for Mahomes over the past few years, much has remained the same. He’s still one of the best QBs to play the game. Still putting up big numbers every time he steps on the field. And still a fierce competitor, as evidenced by a game against Buffalo, when he roared up and down the sideline after an offsides call cost Kansas City a go-ahead touchdown.

“We don’t take him for granted,” Chiefs coach Andy Reid said. “We know we’re seeing something special.”

Reid points out that Mahomes is still “young in this business,” just 28 years old. And for all his success, Mahomes has only been a starting quarterback for a short while, and he could have more than a decade of playing still ahead of him.

“It’s humbling,” Mahomes said, “because I never thought I would be in this many Super Bowl games, honestly. I mean, you strive to be great, but you understand how hard it is to even be in this game. And for us to be in my fourth one, it truly is remarkable, and I don’t take it for granted, because you never know if you’re going to be able to be back in this game.”



Now a father of two, Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes has a new perspective on football and life (2024)


What change did Patrick Mahomes make? ›

In September, Mahomes restructured his contract to a record-setting $210.6 million guaranteed over four years. He remains under contract through the 2030 season, and the team will revisit the deal after 2026. The Chiefs have reworked his contract two other times to create more cap space.

Is Patrick Mahomes mother and father still together? ›

Post-Divorce Relationship

and Randi Martin reportedly parted ways amicably and remained friends, staying in touch to this day. Despite their divorce, they have continued to support their sons and are seen attending NFL events to cheer on Patrick Mahomes Jr.

Did Patrick Mahomes father attend the Super Bowl? ›

Patrick Mahomes' Father Pat Seemingly Absent From Super Bowl After DWI Arrest. Just one week after Patrick Mahomes Sr. was arrested on suspicion of DWI, the former pro baseball player's son, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, won the Super Bowl.

How rich is Patrick Mahomes? ›

Patrick Mahomes's net worth is estimated around $70 million.

With his career earnings, along with various investments he's made in F1 and the Major League Baseball team Kansas City Royals, Mahomes has some serious change.

How much does Patrick Mahomes make for winning the Super Bowl? ›

Not only will the victorious team hoist the Vince Lombardi Trophy, players on the winning side will walk away with an extra $171,000 bonus, according to the NFL's collective bargaining agreement.

Who is highest paid NFL player? ›

The Cincinnati Bengals' Joe Burrow is the highest paid player in the NFL. The San Francisco 49ers' Nick Bosa is the highest paid defensive player in the league.

Who is Patrick Mahomes half sister? ›

Did Patrick Mahomes buy his mom a house? ›

Patrick Mahomes II mom lives in a $1.9 million mansion in Kansas City which is 2,759 square feet with her two sons and a daughter. Mahomes bought the house in early 2019 which is near the upscale Mission Hills Country Club.

Was Patrick Mahomes mom a single mom? ›

Patrick was 9 when his parents — Randi and former major league pitcher Pat Mahomes — divorced, leaving her a single mom. Her eldest “was always the man of the house,” she said. “When his little sister was born … he stepped up. Even to this day he still feels like he is their father or whatever.

Do Patrick Mahomes and his brother have the same parents? ›

Patrick's parents were married from the late '90s until their divorce in 2006. They're the proud parents of Patrick and his younger brother, Jackson Mahomes, and the loving grandparents of Patrick's children, Sterling Skye Mahomes and Patrick "Bronze" Lavon Mahomes III. Patrick and the Chiefs won the Super Bowl on Feb.

What ethnic is Patrick Mahomes? ›

Mahomes is biracial. His father is Black and his mother is White. Mahomes attended Whitehouse High School in Whitehouse, Texas. He played football, baseball, and basketball.

How old was Patrick Mahomes when he won his first Super Bowl? ›

How old was Patrick Mahomes when he won his first Super Bowl? At just 24 years old, Patrick Mahomes achieved a historic milestone by leading the Kansas City Chiefs to victory in Super Bowl LIV.

What car does Patrick Mahomes drive? ›

Ferrari 812 Superfast

As a professional athlete with a multi-million-dollar contract, Mahomes certainly has the means to indulge in his love for luxury cars. But beyond the material trappings, his ownership of a Ferrari 812 Superfast speaks to his drive, ambition, and determination to be the best in everything he does.

What does Mahomes do with his money? ›

Patrick Mahomes, who just won his third Super Bowl, signed the biggest deal in NFL history in 2020. As one of the brightest stars in the league, Mahomes makes tons of money both on and off the field. Mahomes has since invested in several sports teams, innovative sports technology, and restaurants.

How much money does Mahomes make in a day? ›

One may ask just how much the 2018 MVP and reigning Super Bowl Champion signal caller is receiving. ESPN's social media team did the math, and determined that Mahomes will make $1.60 per second, $96 per minute, $5,472 per hour and $137,808 per day from now until the end of his contract.

What did Patrick Mahomes accomplish? ›

Mahomes has led the Chiefs to six consecutive AFC Championship Game appearances and four Super Bowl appearances since becoming the team's starting quarterback in 2018. He is one of five quarterbacks in NFL history to win three or more Super Bowls.

What did Patrick Mahomes make? ›

Patrick Mahomes signed a 10-year contract worth $450 million in 2020. According to the contract, Mahomes would earn an average of $45 million per season until 2031, and there will be no cap on his earnings. Additionally, he was guaranteed to make a minimum of $41 million per season.

Why is Mahomes so important? ›

In compiling his remarkable accomplishments on the football field, Mahomes employed an extraordinary skill set, including athleticism, uncanny elusiveness, and rugged running ability, which made him hard to bring down or confine in the pocket; wide razor-sharp field awareness, which allowed him to improvise freely; and ...

Why did Mahomes restructure his contract? ›

Mahomes also adjusted his 10-year, $450 million contract in 2021 to help the Chiefs with their financial situation.

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