What is THIS? What is THAT? —-

THAT imagines the creation of the universe, THIS is about the people in it – their romantic sense of longing, loss, alienation and near miss….a cowboy sleeps under the stars, a family puts their child to sleep for the night, a crooner serenades his lover, a jazz pianist fantasizes while he plays. The vignettes morph from one scene to another— hand shadows inspired by the sculptures of Henry Moore dissolve into each scene.

This and That  will premier September 7th 2022 at The Chocolate Factory Theater and will run through September 24th. The production is in conjunction with The Bushwick Starr.  TICKETS ON SALE NOW!  CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS

Henson Foundation Grant Winner


We are excited to announce that THIS/THAT Puppet Show was awarded a 2020 Henson Foundation Workshop Grant.